Anthony Sullivan: Our Pitchman Substitute

Since the passing of Billy Mays, Mighty Brand has made many (useless) attempts to replace him in their infomercial advertising campaigns, even though Bill McAlister, the president of Mighty Brand, correctly noted that Billy Mays could not be decently replaced. The first of those replacement attempts was actually quite relatively significant. The company turned to Billy Mays’s closest friend and colleague, Anthony Sullivan, for help. When their offer was declined, Mighty Brand knew they were rigorously limited to uninteresting woman narration. However, if Sully didn’t decline the offer, perhaps the infomercial world wouldn’t have been quite extinct just yet, and we will explain why.
No matter how great someone or something is, everything starts out simple, and Anthony Sullivan is no exception. Sully was born in a diminutive village in Devon, England

during the year of 1969. His mother had a job as a schoolteacher, while his father became a thriving merchant. Once Sullivan was a teenager, his future talent started sprouting as he appreciated representing productive innovations. He treasured the sport so much that he completely gave up university just to discover how London street purveyors verbally promoted their products. At the age of twenty-one, Sully really began some serious professional advertising, as his street reputation told of his ways of assembling audiences with miraculous manifestations that guaranteed high profit. One of Anthony Sullivan’s first products he produced himself is the Smart Mop, which he acquired the design of during a Hawaiian trip while scrubbing the wet, sandy floorboards. In the course of three months, Anthony made the remarkable accomplishment of designing, producing, and releasing his Smart Mop. This invention truly launched his career, converting him from the standard entrepreneur on the old, rugged streets of London to the famous television pitchman in front of the camera at HSN. How did this happen? With the infomercial age booming, Anthony flew to the US to ally with the company that produced his mops. One day, a talent scout spotted Anthony’s stunning pitchman skills and signed him up to be the pitchman on HSN.

Americans were thrilled at Anthony’s energy and zest that salted his products, and especially brought out their flavor, while profits manufactured by his commercials smashed through the roof. In 1999, Sullivan went even farther from HSN to opening his own company, Sullivan Productions. Since then, he has made over millions of dollars in commodities, and completely smashed the infomercial record of the best commercial for the year three times by the Electronic Retailing Association. Anthony Sullivan’s advertising prospered and circulated for there on out throughout the media, as he was featured on NBC, USA, BBC, LA Times, St. Petersburg Times, Ad Age, and so much more publications. Overall, Sullivan was a successful writer, director, and producer, while his serious, yet persuasive voice sold numerous products such as The One Sweep, Natural Bra, Jet Tan, Slimming Pants, Glass Wizard, Laser Straight, Swivel Sweeper, and First Alert Instant Alarm.

Anthony Sullivan was definitely not as good as Billy Mays, but he was the closest as anyone could get. In fact, Billy and Anthony were once best friends. After the passing of Billy, Sullivan went into a depression that seemed endless. For instance, during a radio interview he said similar to the following:

“I was just driving back to London back down to Europe and I got a phone call from somebody and he just talked to me [about the death of Billy Mays], and I just couldn’t believe it. I must’ve gotten a hundred phone calls that hour.”

Although he wasn’t as good as Billy, Sullivan still shared numerous traits that captured the attention of many. First of all, his serious, yet cheerful voice made you forget that he wasn’t very loud. Pay close attention to his hand motions, and how they are perfectly synced in with the speech. The minor spaces between his sentences made him very mysterious, and pulled in audiences to continue watching. In conclusion, you can call Anthony Sullivan the hardest working man in the industry. After all, he ran through a marathon of simple beginnings, inventions, discoveries, infomercials, and business success, yet he never slowed down for a single second, making him the second greatest television pitchman the world will ever know.
Sullivan, Anthony. “Welcome to Anthony Sullivan Online”.
Sullivan Productions. September 02, 2009

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