Twitter vs. Youtube

I’m finally going to post something short this time, just like the average blog.

Twitter and Youtube. Two popular social networking sites that haven’t been deeply compared before. I am going to tell you why in a list why Twitter is superior to Youtube.
  1. Privacy: Twitter is much more private than Youtube since it only goes as deep as what you type into it. On Youtube, everyone can see what you look like, what your house looks like, and possibly, some personal information like your credit card number in the background.
  2. Third-Party Response: Anyone who has used both social networking sites knows that followers (subscribers) on Twitter come in much faster than they do on Youtube. Third-party feedback is a good thing because followers give you the sign that you’re doing what’s right and what’s popular.
  3. Simplicity: On a busy Monday morning, you check Youtube for any new subscriptions and find that your favorite video blog has been updated, however, you also find that the video is ten minutes long. Unfortunately for you, your business meeting is in only five minutes. This trouble wouldn’t have happened with Twitter, as tweets are limited to 140 characters or less. A two-second read is much better than a ten minute long audio and visual.
  4. Ease of Access: This one is obvious. Youtube has so many complex features, like the wonder wheel, full screen mode, favorites, playlists, subscriptions, featured videos, spotlights, partners, you get the picture. Twitter is only text and a search box. Simple to use and explore.
  5. User Activity: Because all you have to do is type and click, Twitter gets many updates everyday, most likely more than Youtube. Not everyone can shoot a video with a camera, convert to the computer, and take hours to upload every few seconds. On Twitter, just a click will send your message sky-high.
Don’t agree? Post a comment and explain your reasons. I sure hope those images won’t go under copyright infringement. I’m sure this is fair use.

About shooterboss

Canadian blogger and software engineer. Hopes to live in a lighthouse near Cape Cod in retirement.
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