Web Apps Vs. App Store

Web Apps weren’t exactly a cup of tea for iPhone/iPod Touch users, mostly due to the fact that barely any of them actually worked. The iPhone’s Internet Service didn’t have the minimal requirements required to run the applications. Apple must’ve been aware of this problem because sometime later, they released the App Store, a much more efficient version of the humble web apps catalog. This was a good choice because there are many reasons why the App Store was a much better substitute for web apps.

  1. Internet Independence – Many App Store applications today usually don’t require internet access, and the ones that do don’t hurt as much. Web apps are completely dependent on internet access. No internet means no applications. Even if you do have AT&T’s 3G online service, it’s still painfully slow. Internet-dependent applications from the App Store load much faster, because of the fact that only bits are required to be downloaded, while the app decodes the rest.
  2. Ease of Access – Although they take longer to install, using App Store applications are as simple as tapping an icon. Web apps require you to tap the internet icon and click the link to the site. Much too slow and difficult.
  3. Third-Party Response – This difference is mainly due to the maturity of the App Store. In the App Store, comments can be made, ratings can be added, and problems can be reported. Third party response like this can help authors improve their applications based on popular opinion. I haven’t been using the web apps for a while so I don’t remember any features of third party response on the web apps catalog.
  4. Entry Submission Ease – Although it isn’t easy to create App Store applications, it is easier to submit an application to the Store rather than the web apps catalog. Only companies can submit web apps, and the forms they have to fill out doesn’t even make it worth it. The Store only requires the creation application for the computer.
  5. Basic Usage – This one is obvious for anyone who has used both services. Barley any web apps ever worked, mainly due to the fact that the iPhone doesn’t carry advanced flash reading programs in its arsenal. The “top web apps” showed only the ones that worked, which isn’t very good. Store applications are almost guaranteed to work.

Don’t agree? Post a comment based on your opinions.


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