YouTube’s Gray Video Bar Is Annoying

YouTube has been changing lately. Some amendments are acceptable, like the Snake Game Easter Egg and the increased video duration limit, and some are bad, like the annoying gray control bar.

Confused? The Snake Game Easter Egg allows you to play snake during the loading of a video. When the loading circles show up, press the arrow keys to start playing Snake. It is a terrific pastime while waiting for the video to finish loading.

If you have been to YouTube for the past few days, you have probably seen the gray control bar at the bottom of the screen when watching a video. I would recommend removing that module, or at least giving users the option to remove it.

1. Blocks Vision

It is difficult to watch your video with the big bar in the way, especially if you have a wider monitor. I cannot help but worry that something vital is behind that bar. It feels like looking through a thin crack in the wall when I watch videos with the bar around.

2. AutoPlay

With the Gray Bar (that’s what I call it), AutoPlay is always activated by default when watching subscription videos, favorite videos, and playlists. I never liked Autoplay, since I always take a look at the comments after watching. Sometimes, I do not want to see another favorite. I know it is called the “Favorite” section, but that does not mean I want to see each video in succession every time.

3. Hassle

Dealing with these two problems is tedious. Sure, there is a “hide” button and an “AutoPlay off” switch, but each are set to their unfortunate defaults every time you visit a video. You will be tired of pressing the AutoPlay switch and “hide” bar options every time.


About shooterboss

Canadian blogger and software engineer. Hopes to live in a lighthouse near Cape Cod in retirement.
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