We Have Computers: Why Use Paper?

In my many years of attending school, one of my biggest thoughts is to completely replace our papers, books, and pencils in exchange for the simpler, cheaper way of electronics. Here’s why:

1. Frustration Alleviation

What we’re doing now:

  1. Forgetting Supplies
  2. Holding 80-ton Books
  3. Dealing with Slow Speeds

A machine

  1. Doesn’t Require Pencils, Staplers, Tape, etc.
  2. Compresses a Library into a One-inch Flashdrive
  3. Is lightning-fast and Generally Reliable

All the small necessities in life won’t come to you in convenient packages. The same is for the office: pens scattered everywhere, a broken tape dispenser, and quite a few excess staples. And we all dream of replacing our hundreds of books and files for one-pound laptops. If you’ve ever taken notes in school, you know the teacher speaks faster than you can write.

  • Average Talking Speed: 130 WPM (Words Per Minute)
  • Average Writing Speed: 30 WPM
  • Average Typing Speed: 50 WPM

Typing is most of the time not fast enough but definitely a step up.

Let’s all admit it. Picking up a dictionary while reading a book can be a hassle. Skipping a word or using unreliable context clues offers the consequence of reduced comprehension.

Must I say more?

2. Saving Money

I bet any school/workplace will save thousands, maybe millions of dollars switching to computers. Books and papers are costly. The most expensive part of switching is converting textbooks to online copies. Libraries will soon become obsolete, and individual books will never run out of copies.

3. Protecting the Environment

Sure, machines use fossil fuels (for now) and can emit pollution (again, for now), but, with the abandonment of paper, trees will grow in population. With a few more years of evolution, solar power and fuel cells will change our world.

Evolution is slow the way it is. For about a millennium, we have been using the same tools as stationary. Now we have computers. I once heard of a school in Britain that just started using iPads in their curriculum. Let’s bring the world into the virtual age.


About shooterboss

Canadian blogger and software engineer. Hopes to live in a lighthouse near Cape Cod in retirement.
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