How to Type Faster on the iPad

Anyone who owns an iPhone can tell me the tortures of typing on one. Finger by finger, point by point. It takes forever. But Apple’s new iPad can fix the problem, as long as you know how to use it…

1. View in Landscape
Essential to touch-typing is a keyboard of ample size. Turn the iPad on its side (with screen lock off) for a considerably-larger keyboard space.

2. Keep Your Fingers Near the Screen
   Get your fingers at least one centimeter away from the screen. This will keep a finger from straying off into another key.

3. Know the Positions of Special Characters
   The period and comma keys are in their regular positions on the keyboard, but other marks of punctuation are located elsewhere. Know where each one is to avoid wasting time finding something. 

4. Know the Shift-Key Delay
   This one still gets me. Know that the shift key, represented by an arrow, makes a slight delay activating. Especially in faster typists, wait a little while before pressing the key you intend to capitalize.

5. Take Breaks
   What distinguishes a virtual keyboard from a physical one is that your fingers can rest on the keys without pressing them. If your wrists ever become tired hovering your hands over the screen all day, indeed take breaks.

Don’t get frustrated and keep practicing. Just to show you how easy it could be, I wrote this whole composition on the iPad, and it only took a few minutes.


About shooterboss

Canadian blogger and software engineer. Hopes to live in a lighthouse near Cape Cod in retirement.
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