The Challenge Barnes & Noble Will Face: The Digital Age Part II

iBooks (Source: Google Images)

The practice of driving to the bookstore for a book to read at home seems outdated. If you wanted to get a book on psychology for your next book report, how would you get it? Would you rather go to Barnes & Noble to pick it up or get out a Kindle and order it online? Which is faster and more convenient? Computerization is becoming part of our lives faster than we think.

Digital media is much more accessible than print. Bookstores can never run scarce on copies, and digital data is much cheaper than print: digital books do not require paper or binding, and shipment from the factor is costly. The reduced production price of computerized material results in benefits to the company and to the customer. Additionally, even under inclement weather conditions when all the bookstores are closed, computers run 24/7: a new book can be downloaded anytime and anywhere instantly with the touch of a button.

Out of all other eBook readers, the iPad’s iBooks application offers the highest quality service in digital literacy. While other e-readers, such as the Kindle and Nook, are completely dedicated to reading, the iPad contains many additional features, such as Internet browsing and GPS guidance. iBooks itself contains a built-in dictionary: selecting a word instantly displays definitions for the word without leaving the application. The absence of a dictionary or the hassle of using one encourages readers to ignore the word altogether, at the cost of comprehension. iBooks also includes the option to add notes to words and sections. If anything in that psychology book included something useful for a report, a note could be made to facilitate later access.

With the development of its Nook e-reader, Barnes & Noble is attempting to catch up with modernization. Otherwise, it will be left in the dust, just like Blockbuster, a once-revolutionary video store defeated by Netflix, an Internet-based video rental company.

The cost and convenience of computerized media contributes to its growing popularity. Human lifestyle is becoming more dependent on technology every day. And what will this mean? Will our bookstores disappear, defeated by eBooks? Will snail mail be eliminated from the face of the Earth in response to the presence of E-mail? Will paper become obsolete entirely? Only time will tell.


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