Google+: Welcome to the New Facebook

The Google Plus Logo

Things change. Leaves on the trees change to brown and orange in the fall. Flowers sprout leaves and flowers in the spring. The United States has changed in many ways from the Clovis people’s first inhabitation. Transportation methods changed from animals to automobiles. It just seems that every day, the world changes in its atmosphere, environment, customs, traditions, and Internet web browsing.

Remember a few years back when MySpace was the champion of social networking sites? MySpace kept its title before the introduction of Facebook, an event which swept away Internet users like a wave on a sandy beach. Despite MySpace’s many features, Facebook had a cleaner layout, better privacy settings, larger popularity, fewer advertisements, and online games.

But as the sand goes down the hourglass, Facebook could be nearing the end of its line. Instead of just mundanely adding people as friends, Google allows users to organize them into circles, so you can distinguish your ski-trip buddies from your coworkers or your classmates from your friends from summer camp.

Say you’re bored on a Saturday morning and want to read something about your favorite football team. Google Plus has something called “Sparks”. Just type in “football” into the search box, press enter, and viola! As Google says in its pre-release demo, “…it will send you stuff it thinks you’ll like, so when you’re free, there’s always something cool to watch, read, or share.”

Online sharing has never been easier thanks to Google Plus. As if photo and video upload directly from a mobile device wasn’t impressive enough, two features from Plus are the best ways to communicate in groups across the web. Huddles resemble text messaging with multiple people, and Hangouts are group video chats with all the members of a circle conversing together. Until hologram-based communication arrives, this is the next best thing.

And as one of my friends puts it in his Google Plus account, “…I think that G+ [Google Plus] has a much better architecture [than Facebook] and would dominate if there were more people on it.” After all, Facebook already has seven years under its belt, while Google Plus was introduced just a couple weeks ago, and Google already looks better.

Maybe Google Plus will just be a rip-off of Facebook, or maybe Google was telling the truth when they said “this is just the beginning.” Will they make it better? Who knows? Someday, instead of “can I add you on Facebook,” we’ll probably be saying “can I circle you on Google Plus?”


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Canadian blogger and software engineer. Hopes to live in a lighthouse near Cape Cod in retirement.
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  1. Hey there! Excellent stuff, do keep us posted when you finally post something like that!

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