My Personal Impressions on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

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Wow, I really ran out of ideas for post titles. This is just a little something I wrote as a school assignment. Some parts of it are a little rushed (I only had a few days to write it), but it conveys everything I had to say about the film.

The 2011 action film, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, is now the fourth installment of its series, and uses a much more lighthearted tone than its predecessors. Reception was mostly positive with Rotten Tomatoes giving the film a 93 out of 100. The film makes efficient use of comic relief, especially when the characters don’t mind cracking a joke now and again while a nuclear warhead heads toward the United States.

Unlike most action movies of the decade, Ghost Protocol relies on suspenseful scenes rather than a volley of explosions to convey the action, and does so better than the 2010 movie A-Team, which relied too heavily on excessive explosions, blood, cursing, and violence. In fact, Mission Impossible didn’t have very many explosions in it at all, yet it still managed to keep the audience on their toes. When Ethan Hunt, the leader of the agents, was forced to climb the Burj Khalifa, a large skyscraper, to access the building’s elevator codes only to find that one of his climbing gadgets malfunctioned while a large sandstorm approached the city, one could just feel one’s hands start to sweat and heart begin to pound with adrenaline.

The average moviegoer could also fall for the wide array of amazing gadgetry used, including a portable mirage projector to hide in hallways, which might as well arguable be the best iPad app on the market. The only noticeable issues in this fast-paced action film are the stereotypical plot (yet another movie about stolen nuclear launch codes) and its overuse of “spy cliches” (“You’re mission, if you choose to accept it…” was used at least twice).

But if you don’t mind a perfunctory plot, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which combines a plot a 5-year-old could understand with technology that would baffle a computer scientist, makes a great weekend action movie whose astonishing stunts and suspenseful action scenes make it a perfect example of popcorn entertainment.


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